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Features & Benefits
  • Models 504 & 506 Protect up to Six Pins on the DB-25 or DB-9 Interface
  • Models 505 & 507 Protect up to Eight Pins on the DB-25 or DB-9 Interface
  • Surge Handling Capacity of 600 Watts Per Wire (Varies with Number of Pins)
  • Surge Energy Diverted to Chassis Ground through DB-9 or DB-25 Shell
  • Clamping at 18 Volts for RS-232 and 7.5 Volts for RS-422

The Patton EPG Model 504, 505, 506 & 507 let you design your own custom surge-protected DB-25 or DB-9 to RJ-11 or RJ-45 modular adapters! You get to choose which DB-9 or DB-25 pins are protected, as well as which RJ-11 or RJ-45 pins they connect to. And for added flexibility, you choose between Silicon Avalanche Diode clamping voltages for RS-232 or RS-422 applications. All models divert up to 600 Watts per wire of surge energy to chassis ground through the D-type connector shell.

IMPORTANT: When ordering a Model 504, 505, 506 or 507, we ask you to fill in the G A P and provide us with three pieces of vital information:
  1. The Gender of the DB-25 or DB-9 (male or female)
  2. The Application (RS-232 or RS-422)
  3. The Pinout (using numbers, not colors) of the custom wiring you want. There is no "standard wiring".
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