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SYCOM’s SYC-TC 3 Phase Series Surge Protection is designed for AC (50/60Hz) and DC power.
SYC-TC 3 Phase Series Features:10 Year Replacement Warranty
Surge Current: 50,000 AMPS per Mode (8x20uS), 150,000 Amps Surge, Current Total
Protection Modes: Line – Ground, Line – Line
Response Time: <5 Nanoseconds
Installation: Parallel Connection, Load side of breaker, Leads 18 inch 12AWG, Thermal Fusing
Enclosure: 5 ¾” x 6 ½” x 3”, Weight 4 lbs.
Diagnostic Light:
 Indicates ground is present
 Surge Protection functional
SYCOM develops and distributes a full range of surge protection and UPS systems for the telecommunications and electrical industries around the world.

SYC-TC-208-3Y208 Volts 3 Phase Wye
SYC-TC-240-3D240 Volts 3 Phase Delta
SYC-TC-480-3Y480 Volts 3 Phase Wye
SYC-TC-480-3D480 Volts 3 Phase Delta
SYC-TC-600-3Y600 Volts 3 Phase Wye
SYC-TC-600-3D600 Volts 3 Phase Delta
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