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SYCOM’S EU-1-240TC residential
Surge Protector is designed for
whole house protection and any
hardwire application.
EU-1-240TC Features:
Lifetime Warranty
Connected Equipment Warranty
C UL US Listed UL 62.11
Surge Current:
 150,000 AMPS Total
Clamping Level:
 Line Ground 150VRMS
MOV Rating
 Line Line 310VRMS
MOV Rating
Response Time:
θ < 5 Nanoseconds
 Hard Wire in parallel
Thermal Fusing
 2 7/8” X 3” x 1 3/8”
Weight 1 lb
Diagnostic Light:
 Indicates ground is present
 Surge Protection functional
SYCOM develops and distributes a full range of surge protection and UPS systems for the
telecommunications and electrical industries around the world.
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